United Road My Vehicle Transport (formerly Autolog)

United Road is the leader in auto transport and offers United Road My Vehicle Transport, an easy way to move personal vehicles from one location to another. My Vehicle Transport is a division of United Road, one of the largest auto transport companies in the nation. UR My Vehicle Transport offers both cost-effective auto transport service with a fleet of multiple car carriers as well as enclosed auto transport for specialty vehicles like vintage, classic or collectible cars. UR My Vehicle Transport is the worry-free way to move vehicles across the country for job relocation or college, travel or purchasing a car outside of the immediate area.

We know that choosing a car-hauling expert is a serious decision. You need the peace of mind knowing that United Road is committed to delivering your car on time and damage free. Whether you have more than one house you call home, have purchased a car in another area, are moving cross country, are off to college, or are looking to travel – let us do the driving for you. If you would like to speak with a UR My Vehicle Transport representative, please call (877)322-5697.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In most cases, vehicles will be taken on by a multiple car-carrier. These car-carriers are open, have two levels and hold between seven and ten vehicles.

Enclosed auto transport is available upon request. For an additional cost, specialty transport can be arranged in an enclosed truck. These carriers protect the vehicles from inclement weather and road conditions. Enclosed auto transport is recommended for vintage, custom, classic, exotic or prototype cars that need protection while travelling.

The cost of normal auto transport or specialty auto transport is determined by pick up location, destination, vehicle size, and type of carrier. United Road will quote and execute each auto transport efficiently and cost-effectively. Each customer will receive their own service representative who will ensure all the details are handled – from pick up to final delivery.

United Road keeps its customer informed of their vehicle whereabouts at every step of the process. Whether the vehicle is being shipped on a multiple car carrier or as a specialty transport, customers can rest assured their vehicle is in good hands. Transport will be scheduled according to the dates on the shipping order. Once a truck has been assigned for auto transport, a Customer Support Team Member will send out an e-mail notification. The customer will also receive a call to schedule a specific pick up time. Once the vehicle is picked up, the driver will perform a detailed inspection of the vehicle. A copy of the inspection paper will be left at the point of origin as well as delivered with the vehicle. The vehicle will be re-inspected upon arrival. We will call in advance to schedule the delivery of the vehicle.

As with any delivery, whether it is via enclosed auto transport or by a multiple car carrier, it is a good idea to schedule the auto transport as far in advance as possible. Allowing ample time for the transport will ensure the vehicle is delivered on time. Immediate pick up is available. United Road offers a Guaranteed Pick Up for an additional $350. Guaranteed Pick Up requires 48-hour notice. United Road will make every accommodation possible to guarantee pick up but cannot always guarantee delivery. To ensure delivery in a desired time frame, auto transport and specialty auto transport should be arranged as far in advance as possible.

Delivery time is determined by two major factors – distance and number of stops. The longer the distance for delivery, the longer it will take the driver to deliver the vehicle. Other factors, including inclement weather, mechanical breakdown, and traffic conditions can cause further delays. Drivers must also follow all state and federal travel regulations. These regulations include restrictions on the amount of daily and weekly time a driver is allowed to log. Drivers are also required to conduct daily safety inspections and may need to perform routine maintenance. United Road takes all of these factors into consideration and will provide a realistic time frame for delivery.

United Road’s goal is to deliver every vehicle within 14 to 21 days. Depending on distance and the other factors, the vehicle may be delivered much sooner.

Please remember that these are only estimates and not guaranteed. The Customer Support Team will try to provide an accurate estimate of delivery once the vehicle has been picked up.

Customers will be given pickup and delivery information and an update once the vehicle in en route. Live updates are not available as the Department of Transportation requests that calls to the driver are limited.

United Road will do everything it can to deliver a vehicle within the specified time frame. Any vehicle transporter will have to deal with the possibilities of inclement weather, traffic and road conditions, mechanical breakdowns and Department of Transportation regulations. Any one of these unforeseen issues could void a guaranteed delivery time. United Road takes pride in the service it offers and understands how important vehicles are to their owners. Each vehicle being moved, whether it is by normal transport or specialty transport, is given the most efficient routing schedule possible. United Road will provide customer with an estimated transit time so that they may plan ahead.

United Road will transport almost any passenger vehicle. Vehicles being shipped by normal or enclosed auto transport must meet certain requirements. An additional fee will be charged for vehicles that do not run but meet certain other requirements. The additional fee is to cover the cost of winching the car on and off the truck. Special arrangements must be made since not all trucks are equipped with a winch. Please notify United Road if the vehicle being shipped is low to the ground. Extra care must be taken with lowered vehicles to prevent damage while loading.

  • Make sure the vehicle is clean to ensure an accurate inspection at pick up. Write down any body damage or other issues with the vehicle.
  • Remove all objects from the vehicle.
  • Secure or remove loose parts or specialty items such as ground effects, spoilers, fog lights, wide mirror and lower or remove the antenna if possible. If the car is a convertible, make sure the top is down and secure, even if shipping by enclosed auto transport. Repair or cover any tears or open seams in the convertible cover to prevent fast-moving air from causing further damage and to prevent moisture infiltration.
  • Top off all fluids. Make sure the vehicle has adequate levels of antifreeze, secure the battery and check for leaks. Leave only a quarter of a tank of gas in the vehicle. A full tank of gas can add weight and cost more to ship.
  • Check the vehicle for leaks and notify the driver or United Road if any are found. A leak will effect where the vehicle is placed on the transport truck.
  • Deactivate or disconnect anti-theft devices.
  • If the vehicle has any problems that could effect starting, loading or shutting off the engine, please inform the driver or leave a note taped to the window.

Whether shipping by open carrier or enclosed auto transport, United Road does not recommend that customers pack the vehicle. Any personal items in the vehicle are NOT insured.

  • Packed items may shift forcefully at times during transportation, resulting in damage to the goods or the vehicle.
  • Packed items will not be accessible if the vehicle is delayed.
  • Packed items may cause a weight problem, resulting in a higher cost to ship or difficulties loading and unloading as well as damage to the under carriage.
  • Excess weight in the vehicle can put the carrier truck over its weight limitation and cause delays.

Please limit any personal items in the vehicle to less than 100 lbs. No household items are allowed. All packed items must be secured in the trunk.

Items left in the vehicle are done so at the owner’s personal risk. Any personal items in the vehicle are NOT insured. Under no circumstances can the vehicle contain firearms, hazardous materials, illegal substances or contraband.