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United Road is the leader in the auto transport industry. With over three million deliveries each year, no other company can match United Road's reach, record or skill of our dedicated professionals. Backed by patented technology and a nationwide network of trucks and facilities, United Road excels in every aspect of auto transport.

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*Register your email to associate it with this Destination. Once you have registered your email, you can login to the system using only your email address and it will automatically give you a list of all vehicles delivered within the last 30 days.

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There are two ways to find your electronic delivery receipt.

  1. Search by the last 8 of the VIN using the form above
  2. Register your email address with your “Destination” location and you can receive your delivery receipts for that destination by email when they are generated

To register your email address you will need to do a search on a VIN that was delivered to your location. When you have looked up the VIN, you will have a hyperlink called “REGISTER” available. Click on that hyperlink, fill out the registration form and click submit. If your registration is successful you will receive a success message on the web page after you click submit.

Yes. There is no limit on the number of email addresses that you can associate with a single destination. However, only one location can be associated with each email. If your email address is already associated with a location and needs to change, contact our WebMaster by clicking here.