Our Services

United Road is a specialist when it comes to auto transport, delivering more than three million vehicles per year from clients like major auto makers, manufacturers, remarketers, financial institutions, auctioneers, dealers, retail, and personally owned vehicles. United Road has a network of over 6,000 trucks to facilitate smooth and expedient auto transport. As a dependable auto shipper, United Road operates in both the United States and Canada to provide a shipping range from coast to coast.

With a diverse service package, highly trained driving professionals, industry-best capacity and an extensive reach, United Road is the first name in auto transport. Each customer will receive their own service representative who will ensure all the details are handled – from pick up to final delivery.

Services Include:

Closed Carrier/United Road Specialty Vehicle Transport/Pilot Division

United Road’s Specialty Vehicle Transport business, Pilot Transport serves customers who demand only the best when it comes to auto transport. With decades of experience, United Road provides high-end, dependable auto transport with enclosed carriers driven by specially trained and highly skilled professionals. Click here for more information

New Vehicle Logistics

United Road delivers millions of cars each year. As a premier auto transport service, United Road handles logistics with ease and will pick up or ship to assembly plants, rail distribution sites, ports, dealerships, auctions and private residences.

Remarketing Services

Let United Road be the one-stop solution when it comes to remarketing. United Road is a dependable auto shipper that will pick up one or more vehicles at the end of their lease and reposition them anywhere in the United States. As a premier auto transport service, United Road will provide drive-away or truck-away services, marshalling, and delivery to any auction site.

Dealers & Auction Houses

Finding a dependable auto shipper is a must for all auctioneers, dealers, or buyer groups. United Road will provide auto transport for any business venture. United Road’s extensive distribution network and facilities makes any shipment a breeze.

United Road also offers OVISS technology, allowing dealers to deliver vehicles sold online directly the customer, saving time and money for both the buyer and the seller.

Retail Single Vehicles and Privately Owned Vehicles

United Road is a leader in single vehicle auto transport. Thanks to a massive distribution network and a fleet to match, United Road can move single vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively. Single auto transport includes moving personal vehicles for online purchases, residential moves, corporate relocations, and college students going to and from school. Click here for more information.

Marshalling & Storage Centers

United Road offers a wide array of marshalling and storage services. Using United Road, customers can distribute vehicles in a controlled and efficient manner. Customers can relax and leave the logistics of auto transport to the professionals. United Road is a dependable auto shipper that also offers a vast network of storage facilities throughout the United States. Storage facilities — both indoor and outdoor — are secure, paved, and well lit. Storage solutions are available for customers looking for temporary contracts to flex inventory up or down as well as long-term storage solutions.